My total for today is 10 pieces of mail.

* Five of those are Postcrossing cards to Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Poland, and Belarus.
* One is a valentine to a sick child I read about on this site.
* The other four went to LetterMo participants in the U.S. (California, Ohio, and Indiana) and Australia.

And I even managed to find and mail some of these from another mailbox I’d never seen before. This gets harder and harder, as the Post Office saves money by removing a lot of mailboxes.

I’m eager to make a zine, but I have no experience creating one; in fact, I haven’t even seen one, so I’m in the dark. If anyone wants to send me one, I’d love it! I also want to try writing one Jane Austen style (she and I share a birthday, after all) but I don’t own sealing wax. Do craft stores carry it? If not, does candle wax work?

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