One of the best things about living in Portland, Oregon is that we are a short hop from the Bridal Veil post office, which celebrated its 125th birthday last summer! I believe it is the second smallest post office in the U.S., and needless to say, it is beyond cute. It makes much of its money because people mail their wedding invitations from there – you can get a special hand cancellation. I don’t want this incredible place to ever close and the community it serves to lose one of their great gathering spots, so I try to make trips there as much as I can to mail packages and buy my stamps. That said, this morning my daughter and I made the short and beautiful (Bridal Veil is along the Columbia River Gorge) journey to mail off a whole slew of goodies:

5 Valentines – one in package form that is going to Madigan, the little girl one of Lettermo’s participants wrote about, who will be having surgery on valentine’s day.

I meant to get the hand cancellations, but was totally geeking out over the stamps – has anyone seen the new international mail stamps? They are round!! – so I totally spaced the hand cancellations. Oh, and one more plug for this post office: no boring printed stamp labels, ever. It is all real stamps and nothing more!

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