I mailed a note card from the blue box outside the Glenmont, NY PO (after hours last night); a note card, a reproduction of a drawing I did of a ginger rhizome, from a sidewalk box in Nassau, NY (likewise); a postcard from the Spencertown, NY PO, hand-cancelled; and a note card reply, to an unexpected card from a friend, from the Austerlitz, NY PO, hand-cancelled. Four new mail stops!

I didn’t go terribly far out of the way of where my business took me in visiting each of these; still, for those of us who don’t live in cities, where visiting a new box might mean just staying an extra stop or two on the bus or subway, trying to hit the mailbox achievements can mean burning a lot of extra hydrocarbons. I’ll probably still try for the 20, I’m not too far short with days still to go (and new POs and boxes within a few blocks or miles of where I need to go), but I think I’ll “retire” from the mailbox quest after this season, happy when chance allows me to visit one in February but not something I’ll go out of my way for.

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