Another Day, Another New Mailbox Found!

I can’t believe how close we’re getting to the end of the month. I guess I’d better complete the challenges I was aiming for this year.

I mailed seven items today, and (speaking of challenges) I discovered another new mailbox!

Two of the items were long letters to LetterMo participants, in reply to their latest letters:
* another in the series of cards showing extra scenes from classic fairy tales, but with the characters played by little toy chicks. This one was Rapunzel. She is on her way to New England.
* The other letter goes to Michigan and included a copy of the zine I made this weekend.

The other five items were Postcrossing cards:
* to a woman in the Netherlands who says she likes mermaids, a card with a lovely painting showing a mermaid playing in the ocean with her baby mermaid.
* to Belarus, a card with a picture of Funtown Pier in New Jersey, pre-Hurricane Sandy.
* to Poland, a Hindenburg postcard, hand-cancelled at the National Postal Museum, one of the very few places I know of that will hand-cancel anything.
* to Germany, a card showing the Rotunda at the University of Virginia, a UNESCO World Heritage site (designed by Thomas Jefferson, university founder).
* Also to Germany, a photo card with a gnome.

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