Monday, Feb. 24: I made a ZINE!

Five items mailed today, another new mailbox discovered, and finally, I MAILED A ZINE! I’ve been wanting to make one since last year’s LetterMo, but I was clueless about how, and by the time I felt ready to attempt it (thank you, LetterMo-ers, for steering me toward the necessary information) February was over. But I was determined to create one this month, and I finished it over the weekend.

So here’s what I mailed:

* My first zine! Enclosed with a letter to a LetterMo participant in Chicago who last year sent me the first zines I’d ever seen.
* A letter to a pen pal in North Carolina (also first “met” in a previous year’s LetterMo) in response to her recent letter.
* To a Postcrosser in Ukraine: a Harry Potter card.
* To a Postcrosser in Hong Kong, a state map card from Oklahoma.
* To a Postcrosser in Germany, a card showing a blazing orange Arizona sunset with saguaro cacti.

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