Feb. 27 – Boston and St. Petersburg

Two outgoing letters today:

  • To St. Petersburg, Russia, I sent a Postcrossing card that’s a reproduction of a 1937 photo of a schoolroom for immigrant children detained at Ellis Island.
  • To the Boston, Massachusetts, area, I sent a long letter to a pen pal, in response to her latest letter to me. She is a LetterMo participant too, and this makes my second LetterMo letter to her this month. So nice to have an excuse to keep up with pen pals!

Only two more days!


Here is my blog post about today’s outgoing mail:

Month of Letters, Day 27


Feb. 26 – A Letter & 3 Postcrossing Cards

Yesterday was Wednesday, February 26. As the Month of Letters winds down, I am still doing my best to mail something every day. Or four somethings, three of which were Postcrossing cards :

  • To Alabama, a reply to a LetterMo letter.
  • To Moscow, Russia, a  card to Postcrossers Dina and Ilya, a Russian couple with an interest in U.S. history, a Civil War Virginia postcard of a battle reenactment.
  • To a Clifton, New Jersey Postcrosser who collects state map cards, a postcard with a map of Virginia.
  • To Austria, a Postcrossing card that’s a reproduction of vintage botanical prints from France showing many flowers.

And I posted them from a mailbox in my neighborhood that I had never noticed before.


My blog has more details:

Month of Letters, Day 26

Feb. 25 – Family Mail

I sent two cards on the 25th:

  • A birthday card and gift to my sister in South Carolina
  • A much-delayed Christmas card to my nephew in Colorado. (I told him to consider it a St. Patrick’s Day card.) In my defense, he was on a cross-country drive around the holiday, and then he arrived in Colorado and was living in an old school bus converted into a tiny house, with no way of receiving mail, and then his mom, who had said I could mail stuff to her to get to him, moved and I didn’t have her new address. In any case, it took me a while to figure out how to get a letter to him.

Only four more days!


Feb. 24: Just One Letter

On Monday, Feb. 24, I sent a letter to a Month of Letters correspondent here in the U.S., in the Pacific Northwest. I wrote it while eating breakfast in a Greek restaurant, between murals of Greek Isles, and longing for whitewashed houses, cobalt doors, and turquoise waters.

I so need a vacation.

Month of Letters, Day 24