To find new penfriends at my age

I am a student at senior three from People’s Republic of China,who is looking for MALE pen pals at my age.I would love to make penfriends with others.For example,we can share different feelings and opinions via snail mail.What is more,not only can people from developed countries or regions broaden my horizons,but also I can enjoy the happiness it brings.

My family and I live in a small but comfortable city south of Yangtze River.The spring here is really wonderful!Additionally,my city has a great reputation for its delicious food and unique cultures.

I hope that I could have some pen pals from countries bellow:
Great Britain,Switzerland,Germany,France,Austria,Denmark,Norway,Sweden,Iceland,Finland,Netherlands,Belgium,Ireland,Luxembourg,Liechtenstein,United States,Canada,etc.
People from Hong Kong ,Macao or Taiwan are also welcomed.

Keep it in mind that if you want to be penfriends with me,you should be at my age,approximately ranging from 16 to 26.

We may chat anything we like.Please give me your address and tell me your preference.We will use a letter contained in an envelope to exchange.