Today’s Total: 8 Pieces of Mail

Today I sent 8 pieces of mail.

They included 3 Postcrossing cards. They went to Baltimore, Maryland, as well as to Finland and Brazil.

I also sent 5 letters, some to friends, some to LetterMo participants, and some to past years’ LetterMo participants who have become pen pals. These were all domestic; they went to Texas, Illinois, North Carolina, New Jersey, and one to a town here in Virginia. That last one, to Virginia, was a Valentine, so I seem to have a V thing going. In fact, it went to someone named Vanissa. Hmmmmmm…..

I also bought some new pens and ink today. I plan to try the Jane Austen thing soon. I did it last year, but the pen I had was a terrible one, and the paper wasn’t well-suited for it. It turned out all right, but it was much harder to write than it should have been. Let’s hope it works better this time!

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