Mail-In Blog Submissions

One of the pleasures of sending and receiving mail is the physicalness of it–the feel of the paper, the way a pen stroke forms the shape of a letter, the little imperfect quirks of a keystroke on a typewriter, or even the emphemera or art that is included with the letter. We wanted to capture some of that for this blog, so our admin team is inviting you to mail in submissions to be shared on this blog.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Write us something. It can be a postcard from your city or a vacation you took. You could share your family’s secret chocolate chip cookie recipe (we won’t tell her). You could write about something you learned from being a pen pal or a story about a perfect summer day. You can show off your fancy calligraphy or a cool font on your typewriter. Really, it is anything that you want to share on our blog, and feel free to include mail art or anything else!
  2. Sign it in the way you would like to be attributed on the blog–with your name, or your LetterMo user name, or simply “Anonymous.”
  3. Mail it to:
    Adam Yates
    Attn: Blog Submission
    205-1880 57th Ave W
    Vancouver BC V6P 1T7

Once we have received it, your letter will be carefully scanned and inserted into our blog post schedule. If you have included artwork on the envelope, we’ll scan that too (don’t worry, we will blank out your return address), so that everyone can enjoy the experience of your letter! You’ll also get a thank you note in return, because, of course, we must respond to every letter received.

We can’t wait to see what you send in!