Style Your Mail with Stamps

Today’s blog post comes from Susan, a LetterMo member in the USA, who writes about her experiences with collecting and creating mail art with stamps.

My obsession with vintage postage stamps started in early 2022. I joined LetterMo that February and loved everything about the challenge – especially decorating envelopes for my pen pals! Then, I discovered the mail art community on Instagram and started soaking up inspiration from many different creators and snail mail enthusiasts. I learned that using beautiful postage is a wonderful way to add instant charm and character to outgoing letters.

Stamp shopping

So, where can you buy a variety of stamps at face value? I live in the USA, so I’m sharing suggestions below for finding USA stamps. If you have tips for stamp-hunting in other countries, please share those in the comments!

Vintage stamps

  • My favorite way to shop for vintage postage (often at face value or discounted) is at local stamp expos or shows. These events are a great way to buy from many different reputable dealers in one place and the selection is top-notch. Search online for “stamp shows near me” to find events in your area.
  • I also make purchases from online auction and retail sites. With online purchases, it’s important to be vigilant about vetting the seller to make sure you receive legitimate stamps, and shop around for the best prices.

Current (modern) stamps

The most reliable place to purchase current stamps in the USA is the United States Postal Service website,, or at your local post office. Unfortunately, fraudulent websites selling discount counterfeit stamps are everywhere; beware of sites selling modern stamps below their face value.

Artful postage

Once you’ve built your stamp collection, you can get creative with choosing stamps for your letters. Here are three ways I like to think about picking stamps:

  • Coordinate colors. Is purple your pen pal’s favorite color (or yours)? Did you just pick up a new stationery set in the perfect shade of blue? Choose a stamp (or lots of stamps!) to highlight and coordinate with your favorite colors or stationery.
  • Celebrate the season. I’m a big fan of collecting and using seasonal postage based on holidays or the time of year. Spring will be arriving soon in my area, and I’m looking forward to using stamps with birds, butterflies, and blooms in the coming months.
  • Customize the theme. I once received a postcard from a friend who used vintage stamps tailored to me – one stamp had black-eyed Susan flowers, and one featured my state, North Carolina. It struck me as incredibly thoughtful that she had chosen those stamps to fit me, and it was inspiring!

LetterMo is a great time to experiment with different ways of decorating mail and making the most of beautiful postage while we’re sending mail every day. Tell me, what types of stamps are you using right now? Are you building a collection or trying to use up your stamp stash? How do you choose the perfect stamps for each letter? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Follow Susan on Instagram @mulberry_mailbox for more ideas.

1 thought on “Style Your Mail with Stamps”

  1. Your post has really inspired me! I used to use regular Australia Post latest issue stamps but recently I started buying vintage stamps. I had Postcrossers who asked for a variety of stamps. I found a person who was selling vintage stamps and I’ve developed a relationship with them. I can ask for particular denominations. I’ve also been able to create more customers for them as my local Postcrossing group were interested in my vintage stamps. Everyone is benefiting. LetterMo means I’ve been able to use these vintage stamps.
    I have a friend who has had a few health battles and I have decided to send them a letter. I’ll look at coordinating stamps by colour or theme to make the letter look pretty.

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