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LetterMo 2023 Wrap-up

Welcome to March, LetterMo-ians. We have crossed the date line into March. We hope you’ve had a rewarding experience writing and receiving post for the past month. If you are so inclined, we encourage you to March on, and keep in contact with you pen pals, new and old.

This website becomes a bit of a ghost town from mid-March until January. The LetterMo.com website will be active and available to you during that stretch, however your industrious team of volunteer admins will be making improvements, and updates. This may cause minor disruptions to access to the site, but be confident we are working on it.

LetterMo.com Website Survey

In order to provide the best experience we can, we are asking 2023 LetterMo participants to give us feedback by way of a survey. Your answers will help volunteer admins know where to focus our energy.


The form has 13 questions in 5 sections, and should take about 10 minutes to complete.


Thank you to those of you who contributed to the GoFundMe campaign we ran to raise the funds to keep LetterMo.com up and running for 2024.

I’m excited to say we reached our goal of $1,000, and a little beyond.

If you found LetterMo worthwhile, and still want to contribute, any additional funds we raise will be directed to the creator of LetterMo. She has generously been funding the website hosting and domain name despite turning over the care of the site to volunteer admins.

You can still donate here: https://tinyurl.com/LetterMo-2023-GoFundMe

Keep LetterMo.com Up and Running – Update

We wanted to take a moment to thank our wonderful volunteers and donors. With one week remaining in the month, we have nearly reached our GoFundMe goal of $1,000.

Thank you for those who have already donated to Keep LetterMo.com Up and Running for 2024, your contribution is greatly appreciated.

The $1,000 goal post will let us keep the site going for 2024. If we are able to exceed this goal, we will be able to reimburse the founder of the site for part of the 2023 expenses, which was paid from their personal funds.

We are also excited to welcome more members to the Volunteer Admin team for 2024. Welcome!

If you’d like to get involved, see the “How do I help?” below. There is a link to the original post, which contains more detailed information, at the bottom of this post.

So, how do I help?

You’re Invited – Virtual Social and Write-In

Make your writing public!

LetterMo is hosting a virtual letter writing social. We have a Zoom room dedicated to the Social and Write-in, and the Volunteer Admin Team will be hosting in the room twice on the weekend of Saturday Feb 25 – Sunday Feb 26 (depending on your timezone).

If the larger online meet-up doesn’t work for you, we encourage LetterMoians to coordinate with letter writers local to them, invite friends and family to join in a real location, coordinate an online hangout with your favorite pen-pal, or simply take your letter writing to a public place.

Full invitation with passcode to enter the Zoom room can be found at these Members Only sites:

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Describe your ideal pen pal

A Collaborative Blog Post

The ideal pen pal would be a great friend who gets as excited about receiving a letter as I do. They would be open and thoughtful and a joy to write back and forth with. 


My ideal pen pal would share my love of fantasy stories and our letters would be a joined creation of a story and a universe, with everybody playing their character.


My ideal pen pal is patient. I have a difficult time (especially lately) with making prompt replies. They would also have some interests that overlap with mine, and some that are different. Someone who likes sending and receiving inserts, found objects, tea, etc.

Christy S.

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Why do you write letters or postcards?

Due Feb. 21

How do you personalize your letters?

A Collaborative Blog Post

I try to read the profile and each person gets a different letter – something I think they might be interested in. Then there’s sometimes washi tapes and wax seals


I typically tend to use stationery I print myself, write with my fountain pen, and seal it with a wax seal. I’m not super artsy or creative so that tends to be the best I can get for crafty personalization. What I write depends on what was written to me. I don’t like to use form letters so I don’t.


I try to personalize my letters with stickers, crafting paper and everything else I can think of. 


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Describe your ideal pen pal.

Due Feb. 18

Where is your favorite place to write letters? To read letters?

A Collaborative Blog Post

I usually write my letters at the very desk I work at ( I am working from home) for two very simple reasons – the light is the best and I have my washi tape and stamps right next to me.

It’s a whole different deal with reading: if it’s government letters or invoices, I read them directly in the staircase – and the same is true for postcards. Letter on my couch, with a hot beverage to really dive in.


I love to write letters sitting at my desk or the kitchen counter. I write most often with my fountain pens, so I do need a flat surface and some space to set my things out.

As for reading letters, I’ll read letters anywhere but I love to sit down with a cup of tea and my cat purring in my lap when I open letters from new and old friends.

Black and white image of woman sitting at writing desk, writing a letter

Hello, My favorite place to write letters is oddly enough at my kitchen table.

The reason being is I have a great view of my window to see all the birds at my feeders and boy do I get alot of birds! So i love sitting there at the table with my stickers, my stationery, or my plain ole notebook paper, my variety of pens, my cards, my washi tape and just write away! Very relaxing and peaceful and enjoyable! It’s just incredible to see all the birds at the feeders while I write.

If it’s night time…. and I am a night owl….I still love writing at the table but also will write on the couch with my stickers etc around me.


I love to sit in an armchair with a cup of my favorite tea and read my letters with a direct view of the trees in front of my window. When writing I prefer my desk cause I can’t concentrate on the letter fully otherwise. Although in the last years I learnt how to write on trains cause I spent a damn lot time in trains thanks to a long distance relationship.


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Tell us about a letter you received / sent that has special meaning to you.

Due Feb. 13

Tell us about the pen pal who is farthest away from you, geographically

Collaborative Blog Post

My pen pal who is the farthest away from me? Mhm…I guess from Germany it would be Uruguay that is the furthest away. And we just started writing like a year ago, so not too much to tell. It is interesting to see the different kinds of cultures though.

Globe with paper airplanes circling around them - Created by verry poemomo from Noun Project

From Florida, the pen pal who is furthest away from me is from Australia. I met her here, through the LetterMo.com site. I find it interesting to realize that when I’m suffering from a cold winter, she is deep in summer, and vice versa.

Christy S.

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Where is your favorite place to write letters? To read them?

Due Feb. 11

Cursive, Print or Typed? Why?

A Collaborative Blog Post

I have been told that my handwriting can be impossible to read, so I TRY to write legibly which means s-l-o-w-l-y. When I speed up and my thoughts to express are flying to fast for my hand to keep up, it gets messy. (I can still read it but, yeah, I get it!) Fountain pens help me to write pretty and also help slow me down, and if I have been told that it is hard to read my script, I will type. I wonder sometimes what a handwriting expert would say about my personality — I tend to lean left AND write and switch up my cursive with print, even in the same sentence.

Carrie H.

I prefer to write in cursive, cause it is faster for me. I like to read all kinds of different hand writings.


Hello I prefer cursive writing because it just feels more natural more connected to my pen pal. I love the feel of pen on paper. I have used my computer tho when I’m behind on writing and want to catch up or I have access to the computer and can ‘write’ several letters quickly. However I much prefer pen on paper …. different color pens and themed stationery when possible.


Want to submit for a collaborative blog post?

Tell us about the pen pal who is farthest away from you, geographically.

Due Feb. 8

A Message from Your Admins re: the future of LetterMo.com

Open envelope with a letter inside

We like getting letters. We like sending letters. And we really like the community here on LetterMo.com

And, we bet that if you found yourself here, you like doing those things, too.

But here’s the thing, maintaining the LetterMo.com website is not without cost. Both in time and actual, fiscal cost.

And so we, the current Admins of LetterMo, are considering what the future of this fine project looks like, and what kind of help we need to get there.

TL;DR: In order to keep the LetterMo.com site alive, we need support in both time and money. If we don’t get the support, LetterMo may continue, but in a different, yet to be determined, format.

(jump to So, How do I Help?)

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Welcome to LetterMo 2023

Dateline: February 1st around the world and the start of LetterMo!

Thank you to all who have registered to join our community of letter writers – newbies and long term LetterMoians.

  • Remember that you need to log in to the members only forums
  • For the newbies and a refresher for those returning, look for the START HERE thread in the forums
  • Say hello in the Introduction thread
  • Remember to write your return address in your letter in case the envelope gets separated from the envelope
  • Record your new penpal addresses in a separate location other than on the website.
  • Write back to everyone you receive a letter from.

LetterMo embraces the spirit of letter writing. We encourage you to do your best and what fits with your life – and adjust accordingly when life happens. If you miss a day, write two the next or make your goal for a total number of letters if you’re unable to write everyday. If you can’t get out to the post box or you live in a rural area without regular pickup, adjust your goal for a total number and get your letters out as soon as you are able.

A special thanks to all the volunteer administrators who do so much work behind the scenes – from the website to the Facebook groups – who make this wonderful snail mail project possible.

Happy letter writing and have FUN!