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Dear Friend,

Thanks to longtime LetterMo member @oliviarrow for
sharing her own personal experience with uplifting words from “secret friends” that started her on a lifelong journey paying it forward and sending kind words to stranger.

In this part of the LetterMo challenge, maybe you’re running out of people to write who you already know or have written before. You might want to send notes to folks you don’t know, but you feel a little funny writing to strangers. What do you say? How do you know what they like? What if you say the wrong thing? 

I’m here to tell you to get over the fear and DO IT

Like many LetterMo participants, I was introduced to letter writing as a young person and have been the grateful recipient of innumerable mailings ever since. As a teenager, there was a period when I was struggling a lot and had body issues and depression. That’s when I first got a card signed “Your Secret Friends” with a message of encouragement, love and support.

I received a few of them and they were written in different penmanship with no return address except for “Y.S.F.” To this day, I do not know who sent me those love letters, but I have kept them for over 25 years because they made me feel like I had value and was loved at a time when I didn’t think that was possible. 

Those cards remind me how easy and accessible it is to uplift others with a stamp and a few kind words.

Since I received those wonderful surprises from my secret friends, I have sent many letters and cards to countless strangers around the world, simply to spread love and encouragement. I am happy to help you get started on your own journey to spread kindness!    

A great place to start is lettermo’s very own #MailMission post in the Resources section, where you will find links to send mail to troops, children in hospitals, and senior citizens, to name a few. From that list, I have done More Love Letters, where letter requests are posted on the first of every month with short paragraphs about why the recipient could use your support.

Another site I have used in the past is Girls Love Mail, for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. The site offers pointers on what to say or avoid if you need a little help composing your letter. This year they have a campaign to collect 25,000 letters called 2021 MILES OF MAIL.

Then there’s The Letter Project, which I only just learned about. The Letter Project is a faith-based organization for women and girls to write and receive encouraging mail. 

As if those weren’t enough resources to choose from, there are still more ways for you to spread kindness through the mail and letters.

  • You might take a more grassroots approach and try contacting a local care home about reaching out to seniors and people who are isolated in your area.
  • You can send a love letter to your favorite local restaurant
  • Maybe fan mail to performers or businesses you love who have been struggling due to the pandemic.

This has been a particularly tough time for so many people, so don’t underestimate how valuable your encouragement can be, even anonymously. Maybe you can send some cards to Spread Joy 24-7 to leave around in public spaces for strangers to find.

You get the idea, there are more resources than I can list here, but you have plenty to get started with whatever route speaks to you. Do you have a favourite #MailMission that you are dedicated to? Please share in the comments below.

Ready to Write_On?

As we’re sure you all know, April is National Letter and Card Writing Month. In 2001, it was officially designated by the U.S. Postal Service as National Card and Letter Writing Month “to raise awareness of the importance and historical significance of card and letter writing.”

Egg Press in Portland started the Write_On campaign in 2014 to challenge their family and friends to write 30 letters/cards in 30 days. Check out the website for a list of great resources from trackers, envelope liners, reasons to write and tools. Follow @EggPress and the #Write_On tag on Instagram so you don’t miss out on inspiration, letter-writing prompts, and some fun giveaways* of Sakura pens! They also have an active Write_On Facebook group full of friendly folks (including several Letter Moians!) to link up with new pen pals, share your favourite stamps, and cheer each other on throughout the month’s challenge!

Did you finish writing to all of your LetterMo penpals and are looking for someone else to write? Perhaps check out our #MailMission page, and write a letter or card to someone who would appreciate a smile in the mail. Write_On also has a list of people in need of some kind words.

Please share and tag your mail-errific efforts this April on your posts on Instagram or in the daily mail call in the LetterMo Facebook group so we can cheer you on:
#write_on #lettermo #happymail #snailmail #nationalcardletterwritingmonth

What’s a Mail Mission?

It is letters or cards being send for a specific purpose, for example, to cheer someone, remembering our troops, a holiday or milestone birthday.

If you’re new to the world of snail mail, you may wonder, do people actually send letters or cards to complete strangers?

The answer is a resounding YES!

Sometimes you can raise the spirits of s sick or terminally ill child. But sometimes you just don’t make the grade and the child would prefer to hear from your dog instead.

No matter, it is wonderful to see warm wishes sent with kindness and love, all to brighten someone’s day for the cost of a stamp and card (home made even!) or a letter.

Speaking of love, since it’s Valentine’s Day, we are happy to advise that US Marine Veteran Bill White has received over 100,000 Valentines in response to his request earlier this year. (Click here for a short video to see all the cards.)

“Retired Marine Corps Maj. Bill White sits in his formal uniform among some of the Valentine’s Day gifts that he has received in the mail. (Mary Huston/Courtesy Photo)”

A WWII veteran living in Texas requested 100 cards for this 100th birthday and he received 100,000 of them! There is another veteran in Toronto with the same request for his 100th birthday on March 6th – there is still time to send Fred a birthday greeting!

We’ve created a separate Mail Mission thread on our public forum. People who may be looking to send additional mail and positive messages out into the world, can find the information in one thread. Most of these are on-going mail missions covering the troops, to kids in care or at the hospital, people fighting cancer but we’ll post some with deadlines if it makes sense to do so. We’ll try to add more as time allows. Sansyeri.com , Canlı Casino Siteleri

Until then, thanks to the LetterMoians who have already sent their wishes on mail missions to lift someone’s spirits. ♥