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PenPalentine’s Day

We love the letter writing community who are creative in
so many ways! We were thrilled to discover a new holiday
which we fully support! Thanks to Sarah of the
Mojave Correspondence Club who tells you all about it.  ? 

Cast your mind back to late January 2020, I, like many other letter writers, began seeing numerous Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day posts and themed mail.  While absorbing all the amazing content I had a play-on-words brainwave, PenPalentine’s Day.  Really, there was almost no further thought put into the entire holiday.  Last year as I was sending out all my Valentine’s mail I made a couple of fun PenPalentine’s Day cards and sent them along too, and declared February 15th PenPalentine’s Day.  

A year, and many many letters later, I decided to resurrect my fun play-on-words holiday and found to my amazement that people loved the idea!  So, I finally put some thought into what the holiday means to me.  I wanted a holiday to celebrate my lovely penpals, and all those who keep the world of snail mail alive and thriving.  No one has to write to me, and it’s a hobby that takes time and money and effort, and for all of that I am so thankful for every single person who has ever sent me something in the mail. 

So, I hope that this February you will take a moment and thank your penpals and the small businesses that create all the cards, postcards, washi tape, wax seals, stickers, and vintage postage that brings a smile to your face every time.  

I never expected to invent a holiday, yet here we are celebrating the second year of PenPalentine’s Day, so tag me in photos and posts and show me how you are celebrating! #PenPalentinesDay

Happy PenPalentine’s Day,