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Why Write Letters?

People sometimes ask me, Noony, why should I write letters? After all, there are plenty of alternatives to communicating in everyday life – cell phones, texting, social media, slack, discus, websites… I could go on.

I hear that, I do; but I STILL like to write letters and encourage others to do so. Here are a few reasons:

1. It helps us de-stress. By taking all the mental clutter and influx of daily information and putting it on hold by sitting down with a pen and piece of paper, we are literally allowing our brains to calm down. We can write about one thought until we’re done, then another thought, without interruption and dings from our media. (In fact, put your phone on airplane mode while you’re writing letters so that you don’t get interrupted.)

Feather pin with ink pot, resting on a sheet of paper with a letter written on it.

2. It brings a smile to other peoples’ faces. After all, what do we usually get in the mail? Bills and junk mail, bills and junk mail, and did I mention all the bills and junk mail? I even get mail from a window company that’s already told me they can’t install windows in my type of home. But they STILL send me stuff in the mail! When I get something fun, be it a postcard or an envelope, I get excited.

3. You can make friends without all the pressure that we put on ourselves in day to day life. I’ve met young folx, older folx, folx like me and folx very different from me. I’ve made connections here in my own back yard to clear across the globe. It makes the world smaller and reminds us that we’re all in this together.

4. You can learn about other places and people. This is true whether we are writing in a grammar school class or if we’re retired and just having fun connecting with other human beings.

Two children sitting on a blanket outdoors, each reading a letter.

5. It’s good exercise. It lets us use our fine motor skills in our hands and arms as we form words on the page.

6. It can inspire us to make art, doodle, and create unusual letters for our pen friends.

7. It can serve as a distraction from stressful times. When we’re focused on a challenge like Lettermo, we’re doing something positive. We’re putting that positive energy out into the world. It becomes about connecting, and not about “being right,” or “getting things done,” or any of a hundred other ways we create mental clutter.

cluttered mind

8. It can focus our thoughts. When we have to slow down and compose ourselves on paper, we might surprise ourselves. I didn’t realize I thought that, we might think. Or we might realize we very much thought that, and we knew we thought that, and we’re very passionate about that thank you very much.

9. It can be a way to bring solace to others. Sending thank you notes is a lovely habit to get into – and we’re learning more and more about brain science and gratitude, and its uplifting affect on mental health. Writing letters can, quite literally, be good for your brain!

10. And last but not least, I write letters because I enjoy it. And “because I like it” is a perfectly fine reason for doing something.

Write on!

Summer Heat Catch-up and Thank You Letters to Firefighters

During Summer, Lettermo member activity slows a bit. We are still replying to pen pals we correspond with, but downtime is a good letter writing practice. This recharge allows for activity, life, events, happenings to transpire so that you have something great to write about or reference in your letter. Remember a fast response time, is not always necessary when you write pen pals, that you’ve bonded with in previous transmissions. It makes the long awaited reply, that much sweeter! As you get to know someone through a letter, you may wonder about how life for them has changed or altered, so writing back too quickly can mean short letters, without new topics or much to say in return. Let the sun, the outdoors, nature and family/friends recharge you!

Sun Art at Pinks Patio – Photo by Cooksterz

Of course, in today’s news climate,  a few months could mean dozens or hundreds of world events, disasters, or “extinctions” taking place, that are affecting humanity and our planet!  The Heat has really taken a toll on us Americans! I am in the deep South and  can say I am very used to  extreme heat.  A week of 110+ heat indexes in a very old house, an older Jeep with no AC, was something to bear, even for a seasoned southerner! ( My heat-bearing advice:  “Head and Feet” keep them cool! Carry water and worship the shade!)  My poor walking postal carrier deserves a big thank you and an Ice Cold Lemonade! Letters that are arriving through my mail slot, arrive pre-heated!  I saw several people go down while out in the city this last month.  Life saving First Responders, SAFD, EMS and Fire Department calls for heat related incidents were at an all time high here in South Texas.  Hydration and Preparation can save your Life!

FIREFIGHTERS, EMS, FIRST RESPONDERS: They all deserve un-ending accolades and thank yous!  They save Lives. They dont sit in the truck in the AC,  and observe and report! They put on that gear, deal with the issue, and are warriors that selflessly risk their own lives, and in some cases part of their Soul,  to save people and property. They deserve Thank you Letters!  According to this Fire Rescue Article, they really appreciate them too:

A life was lost, although the Grace of the SAFD First Responders remains, sadly a year later, the church burned down too. – Photos by Cooksterz Littlefield

The Carr Fire, near Redding, California is a tragic and extreme example of how our Firefighters and EMS are the real heroes and leaders of our nation.  See this Twitter Hashtag for recent updates/photos/videos/maps/news:  They photos are stunning and the stories so heartwrenching! https://twitter.com/hashtag/CarrFire?src=hash

Lettermo.com A Month of Letters is asking ALL MEMBERS to THANK A FIREFIGHTER with a letter or note this August!  #letterstofirefighters #thankyouletters tofirefighters #thankyoufirstresponders
See the Forum Post  or our FB/TW/IG posts for more . Share a story about how Firefighters  in your town, state or country go above and beyond!   Send a thank you note, to your local firehouse, or to one handling the Carr Fire, or nearby Pacific NW areas affected by these devastating wildfires… Does your local firehouse need more thank you letters and notes? Tell us! Use #letterstofirefighters so we can see too!!

THANK A FIREFIGHTER #letterstofirefighters  Thank you letters, postcards, notes, or even an in-person or  monetary thank you.

Addresses: – updated as we progress


CAL Fire / Sacramento Headquarters

1416 9th Street  -or- PO Box 944246

Sacramento, CA 94244-2460



City of Redding Fire Department
P. O. Box 496071
Redding, CA 96049-6071

3. CAL Fire – fire.ca.gov and on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CAL_FIRE

Other Fire Departments in cities affected by Recent Wildfires:

Firefighter Resources:  http://www.cafirefoundation.org/  calfire.ca.gov

  • USPS First Responders Stamp Release! : http://about.usps.com/news/national-releases/2018/pr18_ma053.htm

    US Postal Stamp Honoring First Responders

    Lets get to Making some “Firefighter/First Responder” Mail Art and most importantly, Let us Give Thanks to the best of Humanity, in Written form!  #letterstofirefighters

    Are you just starting at Lettermo.com and want to find penpals to write to? SIGN UP anytime!  Fill out your profile,  and head into the Forums INTRO section to say hello or read through Lettermo Member Intros!  Visit “Mail Call” to hear from others requesting mail and Add them as a Friend, to exchange addresses! 
    ~ Cooksterz Littlefield  

March On

Whether you were a postal star and smashed our Month of Letters Challenge, or you felt fortunate enough to find a group of people who have a passion for paper mail, the LetterMo Postmasters would like to thank you for your participation in this year’s challenge! We especially appreciate all of the patience and support you’ve expressed for the maiden voyage of the new team. Thank you!

But wait! There’s more!

While the “mail at least one item through the post every day it runs” part of our challenge has come to an end, the second part of the challenge is still very much at hand: “answering everyone who wrote to you.”

It’s time to March On!

March On Lettermo Badge

What awaits you at the end of the March On rainbow, you might ask? Another excuse to write letters, of course!

In 2001, the USPS expanded their letterwriting week campaign to include the entire month of April. Various mail-centric blogs and entities have also taken up the call (such as Crane stationers, check back in April) as well as the folks over at Hallmark. We know that Write_On began gearing up for their April challenge in January. Watch their blog for fun mail items and connections to other folks offering content and enticements about letter writing.

Your LetterMo Postmasters aren’t going anywhere. We will continue to be active in our Facebook Communities, look after the forums, and like all your beautiful happy mail and artistic creations on Instagram, plus sharing all the fun and inspiring ideas we can find to help you keep your mailbox (and the mailboxes of others) happy.

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