We Have A Winner: Meet the 2024 Logo Designer

The Month of Letters Challenge has undergone many changes in 2023: a LetterMo administrative board, planning for the 2024 LetterMo Challenge, and a website refresh. The 2024 Logo Design Challenge sent out a call-to-action to LetterMo participants far and wide: we were in need of a new website logo. 

We are excited to recognize Tommaso Colla as the winner of the 2024 Logo Design Challenge. Tommaso is an up and coming graphic designer and illustrator.

In a recent interview with Tommaso, we learned more about his design conception and philosophy.

LetterMo: Tell us about your design. 

Tommaso Colla: My logo reflects the vibrant energy of human connection, bringing together people from every corner of the globe. This logo is not just an image; it is an invitation to explore, to communicate without fear, to break cultural barriers with the power of written words.

LMo: You truly have captured the spirit of the Challenge: to make connections via mail with folks all over the world. What does the coloring in your logo represent? 

Colla: The bold choice of a red gradient evokes warmth and passion, conveying the intensity of relationships formed through boundary-free dialogue.

LMo: You have pointed out that relationships are at the center of the Challenge. So many fantastic epistolary friendships have resulted from the Challenge. Tell us more about your font choice–it is so unique!

Colla: The hand-drawn characters, inspired by the spirit of an urban graffiti artist, are an ode to the spontaneity and authenticity of human interactions. Each stroke tells a story, a shared memory among individuals from diverse cultures.

LMo: You emphasize the importance of cross-cultural connections as a way to overcome difference and distance. 

Colla: In a world that often places invisible boundaries between us, this logo stands as a symbol of unity: a shared language that transcends geographical distances. Every stroke, every shade of red, is a celebration of the richness that emerges when we open ourselves to others.

LMo: Thank you for sharing your time and talent with us. We hope you will join us for the annual Month of Letters Challenge in February 2024!

Learn more about Tommaso Colla’s designs on Instagram.

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