Welcome to LetterMo 2024

What is it?

The 2024 Month of Letters Challenge is here! We are so excited to see so many new and returning LetterMoians. The LetterMo Challenge is meant to inspire connection between human beings via snail mail. In February, LetterMoians pledge to:

  1. Send a piece of mail every day that the mail comes in your country.
  2. Write back to everyone who writes to you.

What do I need to know?

  • Sign up, update your profile settings, and log in to the Members only forums
  • New and returning LetterMoians: Check out the START HERE thread in the forums for a more detailed LetterMo refresher
  • Introduce yourself in the Introduction thread
  • Write your return address in your letter in case the envelope gets damaged
  • Record your new pen pal addresses in an address book or in another online location, such as Google contacts, Penpal Manager, or Postable’s address book
  • Send anything: a letter, a postcard, a coconut, etc.

How should I plan my letters?

  • Use our blank Letter Trackers to make a plan or to keep a record of outgoing/incoming mail
  • Use a website like National Day Calendar to find unique observances about which to write to your pen pals
  • Fit LetterMo into your life–if you miss a day or are unable to write or send every day, adjust your goal
  • Snail mail can be delayed–respond to your pen pals, even if you do not receive their letters until March or April

How can I share my LetterMo experience with others?

Note: Both Facebook groups are private. You will need your username to join; real humans check this.

Why am I having issues with my account?

  • Real live humans review and approve each registration to keep spam bots out of the site
  • Check your email for an account activation link
  • Contact us if you experience issues–there are real humans trying to help so please be kind and patient

Thank You!

To all LetterMoians and blog readers: thank you for supporting this project. To all volunteer administrators on our website and social media groups: we would not be here without you. Thanks for all that you do to keep LetterMo running.

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