What advice would you give for writing a letter to your future self?

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Be kind, everybody need kindness. There isn’t too much kindness to share. Every letter is a gift for someone.

Never write your regrets in a letter to your future self, and that probably speaks to your current self. While I acknowledge failures I try hard to let them not occupy the forefront of my thoughts.

Just do it, write a letter, that is. Treat the process as if you are having a conversation with your reader. Maybe start with a story, which gives some insight into who you are and the things which inspire you. Write about things which interest you. Perhaps you read a good book and you would love to share that experience with someone. Maybe you watched an interesting show on television; share your thoughts about it. Treat writing a letter, especially to someone new, as you would in meeting them in person.


Dear Future Yvette,
You could find more amazing friends like Tracy and MJ and Christy to write to. Get to it!

What about you? What would your advice to your future self be?

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  1. I’m reading a book wherein one of the characters who has Alzheimer’s or some kind of dementia has recently received a letter that he wrote himself, a year prior… explaining his situation to his now self. It was very moving and actually made me cry. In that letter he was gentle with himself, and explained that he’d need to re-read the letter everyday to understand that he was forgetting, that he wasn’t himself. And, what I learned is that maybe it would be wise to write a kind, gentle letter to myself about the good things that have happened in life.

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