What benefits have you noticed from a month of analog communication?

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Thank you to everyone who contributed to make today’s post!

I like the idea of being able to slow down and order my thoughts so I could have a nice flow when I sat down to write my letters. I started to appreciate letter-writing as as act of contemplation because I was able to reflect on all the blessings I’ve received in my life whilst choosing from them the ones I wanted to share with my penpals. It also fostered more gratitude for the diversity of human experience that we are able to share across the world through happy mail. There are so many opportunities to beat isolation and loneliness if we can embrace analog ways of making new friends.


It’s story about new meet, discovering other way of life and customs, old friendship, lovely stationery, nice crafting, a lot of kindness. A month of happy mail is a nice mix of all that!

Letter writing is a regular practice throughout the year for me, but I was more intentional in the frequency of outgoing mails during LetterMo. It’s a good opportunity for me to be intentional in finishing mails, catching up with pen friends I haven’t written for a while, and enjoying all the written communications.


I’ve built letter-writing into my daily routine, rather than just weekly/monthly/whenever I get around to it. Writing a letter always gives me a creative and social boost, so getting that boost every day has been wonderful. – yaymalika

I slow down & notice little things around me so I have something interesting to write about. 


It has been an amazing month, and we hope it has been a rewarding experience for you. We encourage you to reply to letters received late in the month. Are there any pen pals you plan to keep writing beyond February?

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