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What is your favorite spot or environment for writing your letters?

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I write at my desk in my work-from-home space or at the kitchen counter. I prefer the kitchen counter because I like to have a cup of tea in hand and peer out the window to see the sky whilst I put pen to paper. The most important accompaniment to my letter-writing is to have music on in the background which usually is a playlist of acoustic music, lo-fi jazz or other low tempo beats. 
I would love to pen a letter on a train whilst on my way to a holiday destination. And the other place I would like to write from is a log cabin in the woods near a nice warm fireplace. I guess the best environment to write letters in are the ones that invite reflection and contemplation, and ones that are cozy. 


Somewhere with good natural lighting and a large writing surface. This can be the library, a cafe, or bookstores 
Cindy Tsai 

Home is the best place, I have all my stationery nearby. 

I write at the kitchen table, where I have brought all the supplies I need. It gets in the way of having dinner, so I need to keep it neat and tidy and out of the way as much as possible. I hope to get a desk to put in the living room at some point where I can be better organized and be able to spread out a little. 
Fonda Rush

I love to write in a coffeehouse where there is a low level of ambient noise. I actually found an app years ago that created that mood, though I think it is not available anymore.  


At my desk. 

Not a fave spot at all but practical – is my messy office desk. It’s close to all the stationery, stickers, stamps, labels that I have and to move all this to another spot may be more beautiful but less practical. Maybe one day!! 

Tracy Manty

I like sitting in my dining room, though I usually have a cat or two who want to jump on the table to help me. – Where do you prefer to write your letters?

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2 thoughts on “What is your favorite spot or environment for writing your letters?”

  1. I love to write at the local library. I live close by and can walk there. There’s great bench space, free wifi and right now, air conditioning.
    I also write at home. I mostly write on my lap with a book to place my stationery on.
    I sometime write at work. I’m part of a group, Postcards to the Front who write messages of support to military, medical and ancillary staff on the front lines in Ukraine. ???????? As I write in Cyrillic (thanks Google Translate) and English, I often print the Cyrillic at work and stick it to cards. I used to hand write it but it’s difficult to learn and make legible a new script.

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